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Drygva - Son Of Mighty Rod (re-issue 2017)Drygva - Son Of Mighty Rod (re-issue 2017)

Band: Drygva
Album: Son Of Mighty Rod (re-issue 2017)
Year: 2017
Country: Belarus
Format: CD
Genre: Pagan Folk Metal
Label: Soundage Prod.


Drygva – Son Of Mighty Rod
1 The Prophesy 1:07
2 Path of Volkhves 4:26
3 Mother of Enhydris 5:33
4 Son of Mighty Rod 5:51
5 The Watchword 1:45
6 Under the Banner of Perun 7:03
7 Sigh of War 3:48
8 Thunderstorm 1:57
9 If You Shall Die in Battle 6:28
10 Festal Song 2:43

Drygva - Lantsugi minulykh stagoddzyau (EP 2012)
11 Nepakhіsnasts rodnaga krayu
12 Vyasna

Svarga - Drygva
13 Volnitsa
14 V pasti novoj vojny

Drygva - Kola Chasu (EP 2009)
15 Starazhytnaya Belarus
16 Tsyazhkiya Kroki
17 Kupalskaya Akhvyara

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