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Tevana3 - Mieron TieliaTevana3 - Mieron Tielia

Band: Tevana3
Album: Mieron Tielia
Year: 2011/2017
Country: Finland
Format: CD
Genre: Electro Kantele Folk Metal
Label: Soundage Prod.


1 Siivet Poltin (Burning Wings)
2 Olen Aina Taalla Lasna (I Shall Always Be Here)
3 Kipusi (I Took Your Pain)
4 Koprat (Grabbing The Ache)
5 Pakkasperhonen (Frost Butterfly)
6 Poloine Poiga (Poor Boy)
7 Ristikanzu (People)
8 Syvempi On Merten Helma (Deeper Is The Depts Of The Sea)
9 Verinen Tulva (Flood Full Of Blood)
10 Ela Kulje Lapsoseni (Thou Shall Not Walk, My Child)
11 Siivet Poltin (demo)
12 Poloine Poiga (demo)
13 Pakkasperhonen (demo)

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