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Veneral Disease / Mixomatosis / Poisoned Skrotum - 3 way splitVeneral Disease / Mixomatosis / Poisoned Skrotum  - 3 way split

Band: Veneral Disease / Mixomatosis / Poisoned Skrotum
Album: 3 way split
Year: 2006
Country: Germany / Spain
Format: CD
Genre: Grind-Gore
Label: Coyote


1 Venereal Disease - Quiero Comer Mierda
2 Venereal Disease - El Filo De La Cuchilla
3 Venereal Disease - Boneyard (Cover Song Of Impetigo)
4 Venereal Disease - Torturado Hasta La Muerte
5 Venereal Disease - The Quarter Of Despe?aperros
6 Venereal Disease - Ya No Importa Lo Que Vales
7 Venereal Disease - The Gravediggers Wife
8 Mixomatosis - Defecal Gestofobia (Intro)
9 Mixomatosis - Problema Psicof?sico
10 Mixomatosis - Convento Infernal
11 Mixomatosis - Doctor Holmes (Cover Song Of Macabre)
12 Mixomatosis - La Matanza De Timor (Live)
13 Poisoned Skrotum - Inferno
14 Poisoned Skrotum - Aspettando La Morte
15 Poisoned Skrotum - Guai A Ciai Spezza La Catena
16 Poisoned Skrotum - Industria Musicale
17 Poisoned Skrotum - Authority Die
18 Poisoned Skrotum - Grind Tradizionale Barese (Part I)
19 Poisoned Skrotum - Grind Tradizionale Barese (Part II)
20 Poisoned Skrotum - Al Servizio Dei Cittadini
21 Poisoned Skrotum - Bullshit Tradition (Cover Song Of Dropdead)
22 Poisoned Skrotum - Bloody Ways (Cover Song Of Chain Reaction)

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