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Suicidal Anorexia-Mhiimb msbfar

Band: Suicidal Anorexia
Album: Mhiimb msbfar
Year: 2010
Country: Mexico
Format: CD
Genre: depressive black
Label: Rigorism Prod


01. Fragility 04:29
02. My Eternal Asphyxia 04:50
03. Palabras sin aliento 04:01
04. Open Your Veins (Open Your Veins, Free Your Soul from This Mortal Coil) 04:43
05. Negativity 02:03
06. Flies Comes Out from My Veins 05:46
07. And My Body Will Melt into the Black Earth 03:33
08. Restos de culpa 03:27
09. I Wounder If the Rope Still Hanging from the Tree That I Am Following With This Suicidal Wings 03:53
10. Errance 03:24

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