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Odd Project - Lovers Fighters Sinners SaintsOdd Project - Lovers Fighters Sinners Saints

Band: Odd Project
Album: Lovers Fighters Sinners Saints
Year: 2007
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Emocore / Post-Hardcore
Label: IML


1 Breakneck S.O.S. – 3:32
2 My Self Improvement Plan – 2:59
3 Frame By Frame – 2:48
4 Naked Eyes – 3:24
5 Electro Defy Me – 3:14
6 Hot Flash – 3:34
7 Interlude – 1:20
8 Heavy Hands – 2:21
9 Revolution – 2:49
10 Silver Screen Lovers (Acoustic) – 3:55
11 Never Doin So Good But Lookin So Good Doin It – 2:50

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