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Folkearth-Songs of Yore

Исполнитель: Folkearth
Альбом: Songs of Yore
Год выхода: 2008
Тип: CD
Жанр: pagan folk/viking metal
Лейбл: Stygian Crypt


1. In an Emerald Garden 01:37
2. Warrior Heart 03:52
3. The Purest Breed 06:58
4. Father of Victory 02:15
5. The Iron Wolf 04:05
6. Remember Hastings 04:00
7. The Will of Odin 04:39
8. What Glory Remains 03:57
9. The Forlorn Knight 03:36
10. Charles Martel 05:38
11. Homus Paganus 03:57

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