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Korpiklaani - Spirit Of The ForestKorpiklaani - Spirit Of The Forest

Band: Korpiklaani
Album: Spirit Of The Forest
Year: 2003
Country: Finland
Format: CD
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Irond


1 Wooden Pints 3:42
2 Before The Morning Sun 4:24
3 God Of Wind 3:14
4 With Trees 8:06
5 Pellonpekko 3:35
6 You Looked Into My Eyes 2:14
7 Hullunhumppa 1:29
8 Man Can Go Even Through The Grey Stone 2:22
9 Pixies Dance 2:19
10 Juokse Sin? Humma 1:16
11 Crows Bring The Spring 5:25
12 Hengett?milt? Hengilt? 0:34
13 Shaman Drum 4:57
14 Mother Earth 4:35

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