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Dehydrated Goat-Genocide Against the Brain Cells

Исполнитель: Dehydrated Goat
Альбом: Genocide Against the Brain Cells
Год выхода: 2010
Страна: Latvia
Тип: CD
Жанр: Grindcore/Death Metal
Лейбл: coyote

01. CyberGoat Attack (00:29)
02. A Choice in Favor of Death? (03:14)
03. Goodbye, my Poo... (02:05)
04. 4. Feathers (00:14)
05. Norm of Deformity (00:19)
06. The Altar Of Impotence (01:45)
07. Castration of Krupin (00:42)
08. (Eyeless) Fetus Barbecue (01:01)
09. Goat Wars (02:00)
10. Brutal Kids And Misanthropic Losers (01:14)
11. Raped on the Dancefloor (02:03)
12. Rapefruit (02:20)
13. Robot Rape Squad (02:42)
14. Corpse Gutting Competition (02:58)
15. Phantom of the Opera (07:57)
16. Weekend (01:35)
17. Portable Anus (02:13)
18. Lesbian Nudist Beach (02:42)
19. Beaten To Death With A Big Black Dildo (02:28)
20. Fallen (02:31)
21. A Pimp lost in the Desert (01:59)
22. Beginning of a New Decay (00:53)

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