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Huevo Duro-In Cock We Trust

Исполнитель: Huevo Duro
Альбом: In Cock We Trust
Год выхода: 2006
Страна: Russia
Тип: CD
Жанр: goregrind
Лейбл: coyote rec.


01. Arrival Of Galactical Hyperphall... 02:56
02. Penisillin 01:29
03. Lord Sperminator 01:56
04. As The Balls Upon Your Eyes 02:07
05. Phallocentrifuge 01:24
06. Infernal Spermintoxicosis 02:05
07. In Cock We Trust 02:05
08. Fabula de Vulva 02:11
09. Fellation Junkies And Analmen 02:04
10. Carmasutra 01:56
11. United Cocks Of Analica 02:23
12. Latinas Prefer Bulldozer Dildos 02:58
13. Cumulative Spermpumping Effect 01:19
14. Shamanal 03:37
15 . Anus Dominus 02:11
16 . Kleinen Madchen (faggot duet Hande Hoch porno-gore-grind cover English Deutsch version) 04:36
17 . Malenkie Devochki (faggot duet Ruki Vverkh porno-gore-grind cover Russian version) 04:33

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