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Spineless Fuckers-It is Just a Real One

Band: Spineless Fuckers
Album: It is Just a Real One
Year: 2010
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Grodhaisn prod


01. Intro
02. Okurkova sezona (The Cucumber Season)
03. Go To Satelitte
04. HC - Homosexual Clitor
05. Zarovka Na Samote U Lesa (Bulo In Wilderness Near The Woods)
06. La Hip Hop
07. Zeleny Rozkvetly Rozsmelcovany Sanky (Green Flower Splattered Sledge)
08. Fikule (Fik's Ball)
09. Bob (Shitman)
10. Bobek (Little Shitman)
11. Uvezo Tu! (I Can Carry This!)
12. Neser Me Ty! (Don't Fuck With Me!)
13. Spineless Fuckers
14. Mrkvova klobasa (Carrot Sausage)
15. Hata Fata (Fascines Paddy)
16. ND - Neotesany Debil (Uncut Imbecil)
17. Asian Market
18. Emo Pithco 2 (Emo You Cuunt, pt.2)
19. Aj Gad D Pavr (I Got The Power)
20. Honza & Jindra (Johny & Harry)
21. Outro

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