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Buried at Birth - Force/QuitBuried_at_Birth_Force-Quit

Band: Buried at Birth
Album: Force/Quit
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Inherited Suffering Rec.



1. I Chased a Homeless Man Down the Street with an Exhaust Manifold 01:35  
2. Junk DNA 00:52  
3. Boat Trash 01:20  
4. Owl 00:53  
5. How Much do Clothes Cost in The Matrix? 01:09  
6. Vertical Snarl 01:19  
7. Salem Steamer 01:02  
8. Entitled Asshole 00:45  
9. Ready Player One 01:50  
10. Baseball Bat Meets Skull
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