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Nephrectomy - Interspecies BondageNephrectomy - Interspecies Bondage

Band: Nephrectomy
Album: Interspecies Bondage
Year: 2014
Country: United States / Austria
Format: CD
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death
Label: Morbid Generation Records


1 Brutal West Side Slam United
2 Diarrhea Smothered Member
3 Gnawing the Cornea
4 Atrial Fibrillation Threesome
5 Gastrointestinal Devourment
6 Romantic Smegma Smear
7 Bile Soaked Eroticism
8 Throatfuck
9 Bare Hand Castration
10 Cum Huffer
11 Grandmas Urea Sweet Tea
12 Digested Fuckhole
13 Interspecies Bondage

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