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Perialnye Kondilomy - Polymorphism Of Structural HeterochromatinePerialnye Kondilomy - Polymorphism Of Structural Heterochromatine

Band: Perialnye Kondilomy
Album: Polymorphism Of Structural Heterochromatine
Year: 2009
Country: Belarus
Format: CD
Genre: Porno Gore-Grind
Label: Coyote


1. Intro/UniFecal (1:14)
2. Encopresis (2:17)
3. Illness with a smell of the maple urine syrup (1:53)
4. Passive coprophilia (1:46)
5. Pickled ass (0:32)
6. Genicomastia (0:39)
7. Hot anus symptom (1:40)
8. Symptom of a record player (0:06)
9. Self-rape (pt.1) (1:50)
10. Vacuum self-sucker (1:19)
11. Just Short Of The Line (BENUMB Cover) (1:09)
12. Anal deformation (1:00)
13. Syndrome of a non-distinguished sexual object (1:15)
14. Cuneiform writing (0:15)
15. Syndrome of a latent dick (2:46)
16. Simulated ejaculation (1:06)
17. Bang-up via mouth (1:53)
18. Testicle migration (0:08)
19. Doll called Masha (1:52)
20. Cunt spasm (3:14)
21. Self-rape with bang-up (pt.2) (1:21)
22. Masturbation suicide (0:31)
23. Polymorphism of structural heterochromatine (3:36)
24. Outro (0:23)
25. Anal deformation (Copro Party Mix by Diversant:13) (4:47)
26. Vagina real history, Dima is here (new edit Equinox Syndicate Cult mix) (3:45)

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