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Sickcunt - SickcuntSickcunt - Sickcunt

Band: Sickcunt
Album: Sickcunt
Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal
Label: Coyote


1. Schnitzel 03:38
2. Public Humour of the Pakistan Youth 02:21
3. Medicine, as a Object of Bipeds' Physiological Division 01:34
4. The Piston 01:30
5. Mess on Poppy 00:31
6. Change of People's Behaviour, by Mixture of Blood Streams 00:30
7. Attention Directed on the Reason of Change a Face's Muscle 00:46
8. Sublimation of Works of the Actor-Naturalist 00:30
9. Recycling of Alive Waste in the Countries of the Third World 00:36
10. Body on a Stick 00:34
11. Greed - The Reason of Cruel Treatment with a Knife 00:20
12. Putin's "Plan" 00:41
13. The Geometrical Phantasmagoria Has Failed 00:39
14. Commerce Pleasure and Death (Mental Apraxia cover) 00:29
15. Reduction of the Rights and Deserved Coprophagy 00:05
16. The Parasitizing Color Shade 00:29
17. Catastrophe in the South of Indonesia It a First Step on a Way to Decomposition 00:53
18. Cretinism It Not Illness 01:02
19. You Stay in the Form of?! It Means Is Yours! 00:42
20. Stengah (Meshuggah cover) 05:04
21. Reconstructively-Regenerative Surgery 00:44
22. Existence in a Zone of Own Dross 01:12
23. Plastic Intonation 00:49
24. Irreplaceable Framing 01:09
25. Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus cover) 01:11
26. Stones in Bubbles 01:41
27. Korea... and How Will Get Rid from It 01:35

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