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Drain of Impurity - Into The Cold Crypts Of Dead PlanetDrain of Impurity - Into The Cold Crypts Of Dead Planet

Band: Drain of Impurity
Album: Into The Cold Crypts Of Dead Planet
Year: 2015
Country: Turkey
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death / Goregrind
Label: More Hate Productions


1 Quasar Extinction & Abnormal Malformation
2 Orbital Vacuum Deformation
3 Lost Necromorph Particles Through The Ionosphere
4 Pathogenic Reanimated Cell Transformation & Mutation Of Once Dead Flesh
5 Dismembered Limbs Devoured By Nexus
6 Infected Species & Reanimated Plasmadomic Codes To Swarm Formation
7 Incinerated Putrid Mass Of Slug
8 Mutated Horrific New Form

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