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Malignant Defecation - Defecation PropagandaMalignant Defecation - Defecation Propaganda

Band: Malignant Defecation
Album: Defecation Propaganda
Year: 2015
Country: Italy
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Coyote


1. Coffee Clister Defecation 03:23
2. Shit Fighters 02:15
3. Worm Disney Sickness 03:33
4. Bidibibodibidet 03:44
5. Prepare Your Anus (Assholo) 03:57
6. Cricket Colony 02:57
7. Habemus Pig 02:22
8. Malignant Rave Gore 01:36
9. Hulk Hogan Make's Me Crazy! 01:41
10. I Kill Everything I Fuck (GG Allin cover) 02:46
11. Fart Sniffer Kamikatze 02:25
12. Gore Busters 02:51
13. Sterco (Fecal Sun Decomposition) 01:57

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