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AzaZello - MegaDream AzaZello-MegaDream

Band: AzaZello
Album: MegaDream
Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Format: CD, Digi-pack
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Metalism


01. Zero Hour (01:01)
02. A Losing Game (09:20)
03. MegaDream (03:30)
04. Across The Frontier (07:36)
05. Between Two Worlds (01:50)
06. Nothing But A Shade (08:58)
07. Live To See Tomorrow (05:15)
08. Carnal Caravan (07:39)
09. On The Other Side (05:20)
10. Run In Parallel (Leo) (04:35)
11. Guardians In The Garden (Bonus Track) (07:24)

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