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Beyond Twilight - For the Love of Art and the MakingBeyond Twilight - For the Love of Art and the Making

Band: Beyond Twilight
Album: For the Love of Art and the Making
Year: 2006
Country: Denmark
Format: CD
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Replica Rec.


1 In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement)
2 Creep Evil
3 Sleeping Beauty - The Journey
4 Purity
5 Sleeping Beauty - Connected
6 Tongue Angel
7 I Moved
8 Blackened In My Eyes
9 Temptations
10 Fiery Woman
11 Sweet Irony
12 Conversation Of The Dead
13 The Perfect Heart
14 The Perfect Heart Part II - Think
15 The Key - Imagine
16 The Perfect Heart Part III (Modulated )
17 The Black Widow
18 The Key Part II - Naked Truth
19 The Kiss Of The Wind
20 Dark Wild Rage
21 Temptations - Return (Modulated)
22 I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
23 Cold As Blue
24 The Awakening
25 Cold As Blue - Like A Candle You Start To Drip
26 Bilingues Cavendi - One Should Beware Of The Double Tongued
27 The Awakening Part II - The Smile
28 The Awakening Part III - Opening The Curtains To A Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching The Singing Birds
29 In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movenment Modulated With Irony)
30 Past The Magic
31 Past The Magic Part II (Rhythmic Laughter)
32 Night Wandering Of Needles
33 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony)
34 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement)
35 Seconds Past 6
36 Organ Scientific Formula (1)
37 Night Wandering Of Needles Part II - The Answer
38 Black Roses - Ship Of Rowing Slaves
39 Autumn Fog Message
40 Sleeping Beauty Returns - The Black Box Of Reverse (Forward)
41 The Black Box Of Reverse
42 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Third Movement)
43 In The Eyes Of My Soul - For The Love Of Art And The Making (Finale)

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