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Apokefale - Tempus Est NihilTribulaction

Band: Apokefale
Album: Tempus Est Nihil
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Format: 3CD digi-book 
Genre: Metal
Label: Possession



1. Introduction
2. Afflatus Afreet
3. Triumphal Eclipse
4. Cold Desolate Landscapes *
5. Fast Frozen Future
6. Outroduction
7. Abyssal Breath
8. Absorb The Astal Dimension
9. Destination: The Source Of Infinity
10. Cold Apostasy
11. Fast Frozen Future
12. Triumphal Eclipse
13. Afflatus Afreet
14. Cult Of The Damned
15. Woman Of Dark Desires (Bathory Cover)
16. Alpha
17. Post Dictatorial Syndrome
18. Anaesthetized Morgueazm
19. K.c.o.d.s.
20. Code: 6Ick.6Ex.6Ix
21. Aequilibris
22. Forced Obsolescence
23. Oblivion Zone
24. Torrent Inside Me
25. Raw
26. Chaos Forms Panorama (Omega) *
27. Torrent Inside Me
28. Anaesthetized Morgueazm
29. Post Dictatorial Syndrome
30. K.c.o.d.s.
31. Decay
32. Reborn
33. Venom
34. From The Forbirdden Depths...
35. Dictator
36. Error
37. Codex Gigas
38. Terror
39. The Falls Of Oceanum
40. Venom (Single Version)


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