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Various - Visionaries of the Macabre vol.2. An Evil EliteVarious - Visionaries of the Macabre vol.2. An Evil Elite

Band: Various
Album: Visionaries of the Macabre vol.2. An Evil Elite
Year: 2000
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Import


1 Bloodstorm - Wrath And Vengeance
2 Abysmal Fall - Save Your Savior (Not As Of You)
3 Noctuary - Eternity Ever Fading
4 Bloodshed Divine - To The Ancient Dawn
5 Averse Sefira - Hymns To The Scourge Of Heaven
6 Cryptic Winds - Storms Of The Black Millennium
7 Kult Ov Azazel - Garden Of Shadows
8 Thornspawn - Man, Thy Name Is Satan
9 Corvus Corax - Terminus Est
10 Cold Beyond, The A Technological Cure
11 Darkmoon - Patriots Of Fire
12 Vukodlak - Blackest Autumn
13 Krieg - Knight Of The Holocaust

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