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Rotting Christ - Non ServiamRotting Christ - Non Serviam

Band: Rotting Christ
Album: Non Serviam
Year: 1994/2006
Country: Greece
Format: CD
Genre: Dark Black Metal
Label: CD-Maximum


1. The Fifth Illusion 05:33
2. Wolfera the Chacal 07:13
3. Non Serviam 05:01
4. Morallity of a Dark Age 05:02
5. Where Mortals Have No Pride 07:48
6. Fethroesforia 01:36
7. Mephesis of Black Crystal 05:24
8. Ice Shaped God 03:54
9. Saturn Unlock Avey's Son 06:22
10. Morallity of a Dark Age (Live in Mexico 1994) (Video)
11. Feast of the Grand Whore (Live in Mexico 1994) (Video)
12. Non Serviam (Live in Greece 2002) (Video)

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