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Type V Blood - PentaType V Blood - Penta

Band: Type V Blood
Album: Penta
Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Industrial Metal / Electro Metal
Label: Artificial Sun


1 White Pride World Wide 3:56
2 Wild & Dirty 4:27
3 1000 Furious Gods 4:06
4 All My Girls 3:33
5 Black Metal Cenotaph 4:11
6 Go-Go Gothic 4:08
7 Rising 4:22
8 Dick 3:45
9 Christorium 3:58
10 Murderland 3:28
11 Among The Naked Souls 4:06
12 Fast As A Shark (Accept Cover) 3:34
13 White Pride World Wide (T.U.B.U.S. Remix) 3:01
14 Corebyte (Absenth Brostep Remix) 3:13
15 1000 Furious Gods (Deception Cost Remix) 3:32
16 Hi Tech / Low Life (Bleak Freak Remix) 3:41
17 Go-go Gothic (Electrolize Remix) 3:41
18 21st Century Blood (Electric Resistance Remix) 3:28
19 Wild & Dirty (Reactor Remix)

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