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Archaic Silence - The Land Of No RegretsArchaic Silence - The Land Of No Regrets

Band: Archaic Silence
Album: The Land Of No Regrets
Year: 2020
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Atmospheric Metal / Sympho / Ambient
Label: Der Schwarze Tod


1. Mech (The Sword) 11:15
2. Fakel (The Torch) 08:32
3. Drakkar (The Longship) 09:24
4. Les (The Forest) 10:45
5. Pogrebalnyj kostjor - chast 1 (The Funeral Bonfire - Part 1) 04:07
6. Pogrebalnyj kostjor - chast 2 (The Funeral Bonfire - Part 2) 09:06
7. Valkhalla (Valhalla) 12:48
8. Strana gde proshlogo ne zhal (The Land Of No Regrets) 08:30
9. P.S. 05:00

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