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Antiquus Scriptum - …Outrora, Quando As Aguas ChoravamAntiquus Scriptum - …Outrora, Quando As Aguas Choravam

Band: Antiquus Scriptum
Album: …Outrora, Quando As Aguas Choravam
Year: 2016
Country: Portugal
Format: 2CD
Genre: Black / Viking Metal
Label: Pesttanz Klangschmiede


Disc 1
1. Bula ad Extirpenda (Innocentio IVth, MCCLII - The Saint Office of Inquisition of Faith) 08:57
2. Eine Suche nach Wissen 09:20
3. Of Dying Seasons (The Cursed Ones) 11:57
4. Zagallos, Jardim de Fal?cias (Antifona Moderata: Movimento II) 01:27
5. Procemium / A Viking Belief 16:41
6. A Batalha de al-Ashbounah (Ou Lixbona MCXLVII) 09:07
7. O Adamastor 04:47
8. Inner Depression (Syndromes of Fear) 04:33
9. Thy Visionary 10:19
10. Atl?ntica (Adagio in Lacrime: Movimento III) 02:18

Disc 2
1. Tert?lia das Bruxas Dan?antes (Adagio Allegro: Movimento IV) 02:50
2. A Hecatombe of Slaves 11:37
3. Remember Me as King 15:29
4. Eu, o Misantropo... 11:53
5. O Outono Medieval (Equin?cio Profundo: Movimento V) 03:13
6. Primordium / The Skeptic Beholder 17:16
7. Noah 08:55
8. In the Kingdom of Superstition 05:16
9. The Cold Lips of Isabelle (Conclusio Lugubris) 02:33

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