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Walsung - Perpetual BloodWalsung - Perpetual Blood

Band: Walsung
Album: Perpetual Blood
Year: 2016
Country: Brazil
Format: CD
Genre: Epic Viking Metal
Label: Voluspa Records


1. Perpetual Blood 06:05
2. Pagan's Demoliton Squad 00:45
3. Pagan Pride 04:26
4. Forest's Whisper 03:28
5. Wolf's Journey 05:45
6. Crow the Obscure 03:01
7. Wotansdienst 05:12
8. Death and Honour 01:38
9. Old Trees 02:56
10. Into the Cosmic Cataclysm (Evil cover) 07:00
11. The Elder Chief and the Oaken Tree 03:17
12. A Wide Age, a Wolf Age 04:48

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