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Antiquus Scriptum - ImaginariumAntiquus Scriptum - Imaginarium

Band: Antiquus Scriptum
Album: Imaginarium
Year: 2017
Country: Portugal
Format: CD
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Vegvisir Distribution


1. Conselho de Guerra (Pr?ludium Bellicum) 01:58
2. Aljubarrota 1385 12:43
3. Terras d'el Rey (Dom?nios Antigos) 05:37
4. A Tear for At?gina (Trova di Tristezza ; Movimento I) 02:58
5. A Moment of Clarity 10:19
6. Zagallos, Jardim de Fal?cias (Antifona Moderata ; Movimento II) 01:27
7. A Sea of Doubts 09:39
8. Atl?ntica (Adagio in Lacrime ; Movimento III) 02:18
9. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 05:37
10. Tert?lia das Bruxas Dan?antes (Allegro Moderato ; Movimento IV) 02:49
11. The Fifth Illusion (Rotting Christ cover) 06:09
12. O Outono Medieval (Equin?cio Profundo ; Movimento V) 03:09
13. Raise Your Fist (Running Wild cover) 05:33
14. The Cold Lips of Isabelle (Conclusio Lugubris) 02:39

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