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Animals Killing People - Kentucky Fried KillingAnimals Killing People - Kentucky Fried Killing

Band: Animals Killing People
Album: Kentucky Fried Killing
Year: 2008/2015
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Sevared Records


1 Homo Sapiens Lab Rats 4:23
2 Human Disgusting Species 3:06
3 Animals Are Beast, Men Are Monsters 4:04
4 Placebo Deranged Victory - Toreros De Mierda 2:00
5 Kentucky Fried Killing 2:43
6 Cruelty Free Interlude - Chopped To Pieces 3:23
7 Glue Traps For Humans 2:48
8 Bear Cut Open, Full Of People 2:16
9 Wrong Lunch - Raw Buffet Of Human Organs 3:25
10 Shame On The Human Race 2:47
11 Torture Inside Of Me 3:58
12 Ole - Nawal Jaguar Ritual - Human Soup & Barbacue 8:00

Bonus Tracks
13 Mad Monkey Surgery 3:25
14 Cloaked In Carrion 1:30
15 Human Hunting Season 2:50
16 Human Disgusting Species 3:07
17 Human Disgusting Species 3:04
18 Coat Of Human Skin 2:44
19 Human Hunting Season 2:01
20 Wrong Lunch 3:38
21 Kentucky Fried Killing 2:04
22 Ratapocalypse 2:30

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