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Bowel Stew - DebridementBowel Stew - Debridement

Band: Bowel Stew
Album: Debridement
Year: 2015
Country: Italy
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death
Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings


1. Cruentatio cadaveris 04:31
2. Hung, Gutted and Degloved 01:26
3. Liquefactive Necrosis 02:08
4. Exanguinate the Vermiform 02:15
5. Gaunching Torture 03:21
6. Thanatophiliac Parthenophagy 02:30
7. Injected with Syphilis 02:30
8. Excarnating the Debrided 02:55
9. Hollow (Brodequin cover) 03:56

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