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Begging For Incest - Awaiting The FistBegging For Incest - Awaiting The Fist

Band: Begging For Incest
Album: Awaiting The Fist
Year: 2008/2017
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Deathcore
Label: Rising Nemesis Records


1. Fill Every Hole 04:10
2. Postmortem Facefuck 03:47
3. Awaiting the Fist 02:23
4. Cuntpuncher 03:07
5. Crushed Testicals Smeared with Excrements 03:15
6. Gangbang the Preteen 03:23
7. Guttural Anal Stuff 07:14
8. A Severed Head, A Better Blowjob 02:38
9. Diarrhea Dreams 02:09
10. Mutilated, Hacked and Backstabbed 03:22
11. Babykiller (Devourment cover) 04:25
12. Postmortem Facefuck (Facebreakaz remix) 05:15

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