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Ritual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind AbortionRitual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind Abortion

Band: Ritual Of Flesh
Album: Splatter Grind Abortion
Year: 2014
Country: Chile
Format: CD
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1. Le Grand Cochon 04:39
2. Medical Madness 01:58
3. Necrocoprophilia 02:39
4. Neumotorax 04:07
5. Price 02:36
6. Bigsadomama 02:17
7. Chainsaw 04:07
8. Last Days of Humanity 02:06
9. Mental Muscle Retard 01:43
10. Cocaine Drift 01:58
11. Puta 02:16
12. Porno Ediondo 02:27

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