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Grond - Worship The KrakenGrond - Worship The Kraken

Band: Grond
Album: Worship The Kraken
Year: 2016
Country: Russia
Format: CD, digi-pack
Genre: Oldschool Death
Label: Xtreem Music


1. Invocation 03:21
2. Kronos the Devourer 03:46
3. Steel Coffins 04:13
4. White Waters of South 04:29
5. Blood Monk (Goatlord cover) 05:42
6. Worship the Kraken 04:18
7. Below the Thunders... 03:24
8. Devonian Tyrant 02:59
9. Japetus the Ice Gate 05:27
10. Typhoon Is Coming 03:52

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