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Analdicktion - SlutsAnaldicktion - Sluts

Band: Analdicktion
Album: Sluts
Year: 2011
Country: Singapore
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Sevared Records


1. Fingerbang Abortion 01:53
2. Whoreaphobic 02:30
3. Female Expulsion Orgasmic Parade 00:09
4. Gagged and Grinded 01:13
5. Phrenetic Impaled Vaginal Dissection 01:18
6. Quantity of a Human Defilement 03:20
7. Anorexorcist (Nirvana cover) 02:10
8. Semen Covered Butchered Whores 01:11
9. Too Kvlt to Fvck 01:31
10. Sperm vs Egg 00:55
11. Teenage Assault Bukkake Ceremony 01:16
12. Campaign for Emo Destruction (Spazz cover) 00:38
13. Severed Scene Slut 03:02
14. Genetically Abused Youth 03:21

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