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Dustin Behm - The BeyondDustin Behm - The Beyond

Band: Dustin Behm
Album: The Beyond
Year: 2017/2018
Country: United States
Format: CD, digi-pack
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Label: Rockshots Records


1. Mechanization 04:04
2. Poltergeist 03:10
3. Alien Voodoo 04:20
4. Interdimensional Traveler 03:45
5. The Beyond 04:10
6. Genesis 04:19
7. Rituals 04:01
8. Descent into the Unkown 03:44
9. Haunted Labyrinth 03:33
10. Obelisk 03:28
11. Last Resort 03:41
12. Awakening 03:54
13. Towers of Glass 02:33

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