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Evil Madness - Bastards Get RottenEvil Madness - Bastards Get Rotten

Band: Evil Madness
Album: Bastards Get Rotten
Year: 2015
Country: Chile
Format: CD
Genre: Oldschool Thrash Metal
Label: Hell Productions


1. The Gate / Nightmares 05:28
2. Burn in Hell 04:40
3. Servers of Satan 05:09
4. Pestilent Past 05:55
5. Desecration 03:21
6. Hell on Earth 04:36
7. Fueled for Hatred 03:17
8. Beyond / The Gate 09:28
9. Intro/Extinction 05:54
10. Nightmares 03:43
11. Kill All Rip Off 02:23
12. Reign of Terror 03:37

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