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Cock And Ball Torture - CocktalesCock And Ball Torture - Cocktales

Band: Cock And Ball Torture
Album: Cocktales
Year: 1998/2019
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1. The Taste of Animal Sperm - The Orgasm of a Hyena 01:25
2. After Master 00:59
3. Fresh Ejaculata 01:32
4. Scrotum Blast 02:12
5. Horny Hosier 01:19
6. The Cock and Ball Torture 00:52
7. Cuntkiller 00:10
8. Sperm-Orgy 00:51
9. She Sucks as Hard as She Can 01:35
10. Hymen 00:35
11. Phrenetic Pussy Slasher 01:29
12. Frenzy Lesbians 01:01
13. Pussy Commando 02:07
14. Drowned in Sperm 02:02
15. Randy Rectum Fistfuck 01:03
16. Colonel Cunt 00:47

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