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Kadaverficker - Kaos Necros KosmosKadaverficker - Kaos Necros Kosmos

Band: Kadaverficker
Album: Kaos Necros Kosmos
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Death Grind
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1. Moonstoned (Nekrologue) 01:19
2. Warfare in Sects 01:55
3. I Put a Smell on You 01:55
4. Bier sind dein Gott 02:03
5. Zombiepunks 01:01
6. Adrenochrome Orgy 02:32
7. Black Smell of Death 02:04
8. Only Furzen Is Real 02:08
9. Once We Were Wolves 02:37
10. Nekrology and Lust 01:42
11. Because I Got High (Afroman cover) 03:00
12. Menschenschrott (Interlude) 02:01
13. Deus Ex Sathanas 02:14
14. Call of Duty Free 02:17
15. Kvlt of Yor 02:11
16. I Wanna Be an Attack Helicopter 01:41
17. Bambi Bar 00:10
18. Nekromunity 02:29
19. Incident on Nekros IV 01:50
20. Kaos Nekros Kosmos (A Nekrokore Symphony in Three Acts) 08:14

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