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Whipstriker - Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II)Whipstriker - Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II)

Band: Whipstriker
Album: Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II)
Year: 2018
Country: Brazil
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
Label: Vulkan Records


1. Burn the Virgin’s Hole 04:30
2. Vengeance Day 03:09
3. Grind?em Down 04:33
4. Intro (Hail to Macabre Warriors) 02:17
5. Midnight, Sex and Wine 04:18
6. Christ Under Whip 03:15
7. Morbid Dogs 04:12
8. Sign of Cruelty 02:25
9. It?s Time to Kill Your God 02:48
10. Wild City is Burning 03:39
11. The Queen Rips Again 02:46
12. Fall of Killing Spree 02:06
13. Acid Landscape 04:26
14. Negue a Cruz e Viva Agora 04:36
15. Days of Cruelty 02:46
16. Die in Rape 02:58
17. Sick Sick War 03:14
18. Yes I Am Rotting 02:14
19. Pyromaniac 02:22
20. Angel Dust 03:26
21. Armageddon 02:36
22. The Impaler 04:20
23. Infernal Tempest 03:22

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