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Aq Bure - Playing, Laughing, Singing, Dancing​.​.​.​Aq Bure - Playing, Laughing, Singing, Dancing​.​.​.​

Band: Aq Bure
Album: Playing, Laughing, Singing, Dancing​.​.​.​
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Tatar Folk Metal
Label: SoundAge Prod.


1 Where The Nightingale Singing
2 I Took Dumbyra In My Hands
3 The Appletree
4 Friday
5 Dancing Ditties
6 Annagie
7 Anisa
8 Bast Shoes
9 Mrs. Kate
10 Anything For You
11 Snowdrop
12 Your Windowsills [are Made of Cold Steel]
13 The Christmas Tree
14 The Stone Berry
15 Instrumental
16 Instrumental
17 Instrumental
18 Instrumental
19 Instrumental
20 Instrumental

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