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Cryptic Conversion - Eldritch EchoesCryptic Conversion - Eldritch Echoes

Band: Cryptic Conversion
Album: Eldritch Echoes
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: SoundAge Prod.


1. Crawling Chaos 03:38
2. Void Birth 02:46
3. Decay of Matter 03:22
4. Shrouded Insanity 02:25
5. Awaked Devastation 03:45
6. Abysmal Seeds 02:48
7. Circles of the Unknown 03:33
8. Hypernova Collapse 03:13
9. Malignant Presage 03:32
10. Beyond the Time and Extent 01:06

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