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Emerald Night - Magna Voice Ab OblivioneEmerald Night - Magna Voice Ab Oblivione

Band: Emerald Night
Album: Magna Voice Ab Oblivione
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Melodic Sympho Folk Black Metal
Label: Soundage Prod.


1 Introduction. Behind The Walls Of Rain
2 Land Of Eternal Summer
3 Sokrovischa Lunnoj Teni
4 The Winterheart. The Ballad Of The Fiddler Troll
5 Chernyj bes
6 Bluzhdayuschie ogonki
7 The Pitch Black Forest
8 Treasures Of Lunar Shade (Orchestral Eng. Version)
9 Glaz vedmy (King Diamond Russian cover)

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