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A Tribute To Bathory — Wolves Of Nordland

Band: A Tribute To Bathory
Album: Wolves Of Nordland
Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Pagan/Black/Viking/Folk
Label: Nymphaea Records


1. Gothic Sky - Nordland
2. Волчий Острог - Foreverdark Woods
3. Holdaar - Man Of Iron
4. Смута - Vinland
5. Midgaard — One Rode To Asa Bay
6. Gmork - Necromansy
7. Tumulus - Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain (Live)
8. Kolohorth - Burnin' Leather
9. Солнцеворот - The Ravens
10. Theudho - Blood Fire Death
11. Nimphaion - Mother Earth Father Thunder

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