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Helloween - 7 sinnersHelloween - 7 sinners

Band: Helloween
Album: 7 sinners
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Format: CD, digi-pack
Genre: Heavy / True / Power / Speed Metal
Label: Soyuz Music


1 Where the Sinners go3:36
2 Are you metal?3:36
3 Who is Mr. Madman?5:43
4 Raise the noise5:07
5 World of fantasy5:15
6 Long live the King4:13
7 The smile of the sun4:37
8 You stupid mankind4:04
9 If a moutain could talk6:45
10 The sage the fool the Sinners4:01
11 My Sacrifice5:00
12 Not yet today1:12
13 Far in the future7:43
14 I'm free4:12
15 Faster we fall4:49
16 Aiming high4:35

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