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Theigns & Thralls - Theigns & ThrallaTheigns & Thralls - Theigns & Thralla

Band: Theigns & Thralls
Album: Theigns & Thralla
Year: 2022
Country: United Kingdom
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Folk Metal
Label: Rockshots Records


1 Procession 1:33
2 Theigns & Thralls 2:51
3 Drinking (Thralls Mix) 3:12
4 Strive 3:48
5 Lord Of The Hills 3:56
6 Life Will Out 3:34
7 The Highwayman 6:15
8 Today We Get To Play 3:33
9 The New Folk Devils 4:22
10 Flora Robb 2:53
11 Not Thru The Woods Yet 3:50

Bonus Tracks
12 Over The Hills And Far Away 3:59
13 Queen Of The Moors 3:17
14 Strive (Acoustic Version) 3:42
15 Drinking (Theigns Mix) 3:12
16 Life Will Out (Kartsymegatommy Remix) 3:35

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