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Vulvectomy - Putrescent Clitoral FermentationVulvectomy - Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation

Band: Vulvectomy
Album: Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation
Year: 2007
Country: Italy
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Amputated Vein Records


1. Festering Detatched Genitals 03:55
2. Pusfull Hymen Liquified 03:33
3. Depilated Cunt Twitch 03:37
4. Masturbating with Defecated Entrails 04:13
5. Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation 04:11
6. Regurgitation of Menstrual Scabs 03:49
7. Fornicate in Putrefaction 04:04
8. Postmortal Orifice Lubrication 03:35

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