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Vice Human - Vice Human + Metal AttackVice Human - Vice Human + Metal Attack

Band: Vice Human
Album: Vice Human + Metal Attack
Year: 1984/2003
Country: Greece
Format: CD
Genre: Hard'n'Heavy
Label: Unisound Records


1. Stand Up 02:58
2. I Need Power 03:52
3. Life Don't Be Blind 03:08
4. I Long to Kill You Beast 03:00
5. Damned World 03:32
6. You Gonna Work All the Time 02:39
7. Can You Feel in the Night 03:29
8. Running Away 02:47
9. Dust into My Nose 02:57
10. Vice Human 04:13
11. Make It in Time 03:35
12. Heavy Metal 04:16
13. We Are the Future 05:27
14. Hell Has Broken Loose 04:19
15. Hooligan Hero 04:03
16. Alive in the Night 05:14
17. Two Wheels 04:54
18. Metal Wars 03:21
19. Get a Woman 04:49
20. My Friend the Gun 03:06

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