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Deprive - Into OblivionDeprive - Into Oblivion

Band: Deprive
Album: Into Oblivion
Year: 2015
Country: Spain
Format: CD
Genre: Doom Death Metal
Label: Memento Mori


1. Catacombs of Betrayal 04:06
2. Nightsky Revelation 04:03
3. Fall of Entropy 04:12
4. Infamous Ossuary of Tribulation 06:32
5. Dethroned Messiah 02:57
6. Apocryphal Mausoleum 03:24
7. Immemorial Ritual Beyond Death 04:39
8. An Oath of Necrotical Mist 03:21
9. Into Oblivion 03:32
10. Divine Blood of the Deceased 01:01
11. The Arrival 03:49
12. Innards of Heaven 02:54
13. Below the Screams of the Dying 04:39
14. De Vermis Mysteriis 03:42

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