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Draugul - The VoyagerDraugul - The Voyager

Band: Draugul
Album: The Voyager
Year: 2013
Country: Ukraine
Format: CD
Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Pesttanz Klangschmiede


1. B?rg?l-ob Agh Ghaash 00:59
2. Paths of the Dead 07:05
3. From the Ruins of Angmar 04:26
4. Ainulindale 02:59
5. Furore Normanorum 04:43
6. One Rode To Asa Bay 09:22
7. The Curse of Heoroth 06:25
8. The Voyager 02:09
9. Kazikly Voyvoda 06:58
10. The Barren Wastelands of Ragnarok 11:14

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