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Splattered Entrails - Depths Of Obscurity Splattered_Entrails-Depths_Of_Obscurity

Band: Splattered Entrails
Album: Depths Of Obscurity
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death
Label: Nice to Eat You



01. Diminished To Nothing 
02. Inexorable Savagery 
03. Impending Disarray 
04. Decimating Our Will 
05. Relentless Intake Of Futility 
06. Reduced To Carnality 
07. Becoming The Crust 
08. A Flaw In Sanity 
09. The Decay Of The Universe 
10. Depths Of Obscurity 
11. Abducted For Public Mortification 
12. Deprived 
13. Descend Into Malice 
14. Deranged On Impulse

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