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Hell Skuad - TorturedHell Skuad - Tortured

Band: Hell Skuad
Album: Tortured
Year: 2014
Country: Indonesia
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death
Label: Pathologically Explict Records


1. Welcome to My Second Absolute Revenge 00:27
2. Torturing Suffering and Spreading the Death 01:40
3. Tanah Merah Bersimbah Darah 02:21
4. Dying on Pure Pathological Moshpit 02:03
5. Membantai Jakarta 01:54
6. Eternally Torture 01:23
7. Slammed by Tragically Moments 01:41
8. Smashing Your Disfigured Face 02:08
9. The Criminally Insane 02:05
10. Venomous Denpasar 02:07
11. Bring Your Head to Fucking Slam 01:24
12. Usus Terburai Kepala Terpenggal 02:29
13. Kill Your Mother Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus cover) 01:23
14. Killed Raped and Mutilated Gorechestra 01:03
15. Tanah Merah Bersimbah Darah (minus one) 02:21
16. Membantai Jakarta (minus one) 01:52

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