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Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise - Atomic Grind! 3 Way CDRubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise - Atomic Grind! 3 Way CD

Band: Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise
Album: Atomic Grind! 3 Way CD
Year: 2017
Country: Czech Republic / Canada / Ukraine
Format: CD
Genre: Grind
Label: More Hate Productions


1. Rubufaso Mukufo - Skin Gore Bruises
2. Rubufaso Mukufo - End of the War
3. Rubufaso Mukufo - Violent Show
4. Rubufaso Mukufo - Fake Headlines
5. Rubufaso Mukufo - I Want to Puke
6. Rubufaso Mukufo - Face Nation
7. Rubufaso Mukufo - Power Roarrr
8. Rubufaso Mukufo - Nut in the Nutcracker
9. Rubufaso Mukufo - The Great Insanity
10. Rubufaso Mukufo - Baby Blade
11. Rubufaso Mukufo - Fuck Off Nazi Bastards
12. Nervous Impulse - Qc. Reflux
13. Nervous Impulse - Air Burst
14. Nervous Impulse - 500 Miles from the Blast
15. Nervous Impulse - We Are Lucky
16. Nervous Impulse - Disaster Porn
17. Epicrise - Anti-Medecine
18. Epicrise - Godshit
19. Epicrise - Dead Sea
20. Epicrise - Workship
21. Epicrise - Gory Inspiration (Dead Infection cover)
22. Epicrise - Money It's Your Fucking Religion (Grossmember cover)
23. Epicrise - Feeble Minds of the Nation (Cerebral Turbulency cover)

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